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Friday, December 11, 2015

storm update... (am.11.dec.15)>

*Update @ 9:29am... Just over 2" (5cm) of rain in the gauge!  Temperature has bounced back to 42ºF (5.5ºC).  Clouds, fog, light rain.  

*Update @ 8:43am... The temp here has dipped to 39.4ºF (4.1ºC) during the last half hour, in the midst of a downpour of heavy rain with a bit of sleet mixed in.

My rain gauge shows 1.42" (3.6cm) since our first light showers materialized yesterday, and 1.33" (3.4cm) of that has fallen since 9:30pm.  We've had numerous periods of moderate to occasionally heavy showers, with lots of thunder and lightning off and on all night into the early morning.  There has even been a little sleet mixed in with the rain -- I heard it clattering against my window a few times during the wee hours.

The low temp here at my location has been 41.4ºF (5.2ºC), which is almost exactly what was expected.  As I type, the temperature is hovering right around 43ºF (6ºC).

It's very difficult to get a view of the snow line right now -- still too dark and lots of low cloudiness around.  But based on the temp at my location in the upper part of town, I would guess there is snow on the ground well below Triund to the vicinity of Magic View Café.  That's just a guess at this point.

According to the latest satellite pics, our upper-level circulation will be pushing into southwestern Jammu & Kashmir by mid-morning, and then zip across northern Himachal Pradesh by late afternoon.  That means we should continue to see a good chance of more periods of rain, occasional thunder, gusty winds, and a fluctuating snow line just up-mountain from us.

Marked improvement is expected sometime early tonight, though temps will be at their coldest of the season.  Still expecting sunshine to return for the weekend....

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