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Saturday, December 12, 2015

entrenched chill... (pm.12.dec.15)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 41.4F (5.2C)
High temp: 50.6F (10.3C)
Rainfall: trace

Clouds have been rapidly dissipating during this hour after sunset this evening, leaving us with hazy skies.  We saw roughly equal parts sunshine and cloudiness today, but even during the sunny spells there was a lot of haze to deal with.  Temperatures were a bit milder than yesterday, but not by very much -- leaving us on the cool side of normal for this stage of December.  Humidity hovered in the 60-70% range for much of the day.

The early winter jet stream is howling directly overhead -- keeping minor fluctuations in a rapid west-to-east flow rippling across northern India during the coming week or more.  There are no major storm systems on the weather charts at all, not only during the next week, but all the way into the weekend after Christmas.  However, it's not out of the question that one or two of these little ripples in the upper-level flow could squeeze out a random shower or two as we head into the latter half of the month.  Otherwise, get used to alternating periods of sun, haze and cloudiness, along with humidity probably trending downward again during the next few days.

That blast of central Asian air that accompanied our recent storm system is not going to be easily displaced... so that means although we could see some minor moderations in temperatures on odd days here and there, it's going to be hard to get any significant or long-lasting warming.

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