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Sunday, December 27, 2015

november-ish... (pm.27.dec.15)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 51.1F (10.6C)
High temp: 58.2F (14.6C)
Precipitation: none

Our temperatures today were ridiculously mild for the waning days of December -- and I have to go back to the 8th of this month to find anything warmer.  Even then, during the first part of December, those kinds of temps were well above normal for the season.  It has been a strange month all around -- with much warmer than normal temps during the first 9-10 days, followed by a strong storm system delivering our entire normal/average December rainfall in just a couple of days, a streak of just over two weeks of colder than normal conditions, and now this recent quick rebound to above normal temps.  December 2015 thus far has been anything BUT normal.

This evening we have mostly clear skies, apart from a few scattered streaks of high cirrus clouds.  In addition to the very mild temps, we saw a large majority of sunshine today, punctuated by a few periods of mainly high clouds.  It actually felt a lot more like November.

Pleasantly mild and comfortable weather should continue over the course of the coming several days as we finish off 2015.  An unseasonably mild air mass will remain in place across much of central and northern India, with jetstream winds aloft carrying at least a couple of weak circulations across our area.  Recently, we've only been seeing occasional episodes of mid and high clouds in association with these weak disturbances, and I think that will remain the case -- though there is another slight chance of a random light shower somewhere in our vicinity on New Year's Day (Fri).  Although temps may trend a bit downward at the end of the week, we should stay in the 'above normal' department as we greet 2016.

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