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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

mild streak continues... (pm.29.dec.15)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 49.1F (9.5C)
High temp: 57.0F (13.9C)
Precipitation: none

For the fourth day in a row, we've enjoyed temperatures well above normal for the end of December, and for the third day in a row, an abundance of sunshine.  This is indeed a fantastic way to wrap up 2015!!  There were only the slightest traces of either thin cirrus clouds or a bit of feeble cumulus development along the Dhauladhars this afternoon --  otherwise it was bright blue skies and sun for us.  Temps were just slightly below where they were on Sunday and Monday.

I still have nothing very dramatic to report, as our overall weather pattern remains generally calm and quiet... and mild for the season.  There is some slightly cooler air trying to spill in from the north-northwest, but it won't be enough to totally put an end to these unseasonably mild temperatures we've been enjoying.  Also, there are the normal ripples and wiggles in the upper-level flow expected to pass overhead during the remainder of the week, but none of them look substantial enough to stir up anything more than some occasional cloudiness.  Any light precipitation should be confined to higher elevations to our north and east.

Just yesterday I mentioned that the models were trending toward some kind of storm development early next week -- but the last few data runs have again backed off of anything very significant or ominous-looking.  Still, it looks like we could see a slightly better chance of some scattered rain shower action on Monday into Tuesday, with temperatures a few degrees cooler as well.

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