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Monday, April 24, 2017

temperatures close to normal... (pm.24.apr.17)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 54.5F (12.5C)
High temp: 75.8F (24.3C)
Rainfall: 0.10" (3mm)

It's a good-looking Monday evening out there as sunset approaches, with only a few clouds lingering along the mountain slopes.  And really most of the day has been perfectly fine, after yet another round of overnight thundershowers and gusty winds which continued into the predawn hours... and left mostly cloudy skies in their wake until about 8:30am.  Since then we've been able to enjoy lots of sunshine, despite a fairly impressive build-up of mountain cloudiness mid-day through most of the afternoon.  Satellite pics show scattered thundershowers from northern Pakistan and Kashmir all the way into western Nepal this evening, but none of those have managed to threaten us.

What's left of an upper-level low pressure circulation is centered very near the Pakistan/Kashmir border, just west of Srinagar.  It is weakening and lifting north-northeastward more quickly than the models had projected, which has allowed at least some semblance of stabilization to return to our air mass, already.  However, the upper-level flow is going to be a bit fickle and indecisive all the way into and through this next weekend -- and although there are no major storm systems evident, this pattern is not going to be a totally dead and calm one either.  Most days during the coming week or more, we'll have at least a slight chance of an isolated thundershower, mainly during the afternoon into the evening hours.

As expected, our temps have dropped from their way-above-normal levels down to a range that is very close to normal for the final week of April.  We'll likely tip-toe upward a few degrees as we move toward the end of the week.