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Friday, April 21, 2017

gradual changes underway... (pm.21.apr.17)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 67.1F (19.5C)
High temp: 85.6F (29.8C)
Rainfall: trace

The trend the last three days has been toward a marginally unstable atmosphere, as some waves of slightly cooler air aloft overrun this extremely warm air in the surface layers.  That has led to some random/isolated thundershower activity all across the western and central Himalayan region, but it has indeed been 'isolated and random', with very little significant precipitation occurring in any one place at any one time.  So far.

A more pronounced influx of cooler air in the upper-atmosphere will begin to arrive this weekend into early next week, which should give us a better chance of some measurable rainfall, along with at least a couple of periods of thunder and lightning.  Also, it looks like our temps will be on a downward trajectory... probably taking us into a more normal/average range for the latter part of April, which will feel much more comfortable after the unseasonably warm weather of the last eight days or so.