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Thursday, May 5, 2016

wildly swinging... (pm.05.may.16)>

Thursday's stats:

Low temp: 51.4F (10.8C)
High temp: 75.4F (24.1C)
Rainfall: 3.16" (8.0cm) --updated thru midnight

Thundershowers are threatening once again this evening -- it's cloudy, and even at this moment the rain is picking up here in the main market of McLeod Ganj.  Our weather today has been highly variable, as expected, with clouds and cool temperatures until around 10:00am when the sun popped out nicely and delivered a stretch of very nice conditions which have lasted until just the last hour or so.  There was only a trace of rain since midnight, but that is obviously changing at this moment -- check back for rainfall updates later tonight.

The remnants of the upper-level disturbance/circulation center responsible for our crazy and very changeable weather the last couple of days is now straddling the Pakistan/Rajasthan border.  It's quickly losing steam, but there's obviously enough energy left to trigger scattered showers and thunderstorms across parts of northwest and central India.  The general trend will be toward greater stability during the coming 48 hours or so, but that doesn't mean we can totally forget about the risk of some isolated shower/thunder activity -- mainly during the afternoon hours.  As high pressure aloft attempts to build in, we should see temperatures heading upward once again, especially by Sunday into Monday.

As we look further ahead... the upper-level pattern should be rather quiet, but there is an unusual amount of moisture showing up in the lower and mid-levels of the atmosphere next week.  That should keep us dealing with a chance of a round of thunderstorms almost each and every day, with temps highly dependent on that sun/rain cycle.

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