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Saturday, May 21, 2016

warmth rolls on... (pm.21.may.16)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 69.7F (20.9C)
High temp: 87.9F (31.1C)
Rainfall: none

It's a warm and hazy evening with some lingering clouds along the mountains.  Satellite pics show isolated showers northwest of us in Jammu & Kashmir, and well to the southeast across central Uttarakhand, but there's been no development anywhere near us today.  We had nearly full sunshine until just after noon, and then only a moderate build-up of cumulus in the vicinity of the Dhauladhars thereafter.  Humidity averaged slightly above 30% this afternoon, with temps back in the range of the warmest of the season and the year.

A generally stable atmosphere will remain with us through Sunday, and maybe into at least the first half of Monday -- keeping our temps extremely warm, and preventing all but the most random, brief, isolated thundershower development from happening in our area.  But we're watching a changing upper-level pattern which will bring in a couple of disturbances from the northwest, along with some significant cooling in the higher levels of the atmosphere.  This transition will occur between late Monday and early Wednesday, and that's when we'll see the best chance of at least a couple of periods of significant thunderstorms and rain.  Temperatures will cool off temporarily, which of course isn't really a bad thing.

But this time of year, a cool-down doesn't normally last for very long, and we expect rebounding temps once again by the latter half of next week, with a drier air mass and more sunshine returning...

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