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Thursday, May 26, 2016

temps back to normal... (pm.26.may.16)>

Thursday's stats:

Low temp: 63.0F (17.2C)
High temp: 84.3F (29.1C)
Rainfall: none

Some clouds linger along the Dhauladhars this evening, otherwise we have fair skies during this hour before sunset.  It has been a pleasantly warm late May day, with temperatures very close to normal, and humidity running in the 28-40% range, which is not too bad at all.  We've had more sun than clouds, but it was a close call for a few hours during the early to mid-afternoon hours, with quite a lot of flat cumulus development which threatened to steal that sunshine for a while.

Apart from the normal mountain instability which is present during the vast majority of days during the warm season, the weather pattern is a quiet one across the western and central Himalayan region.  There are some isolated thundershowers to our west-northwest, but they will most likely fall apart as the sun sets and the daytime heating comes to a halt.  Tomorrow (Fri) is looking like another nice day, with temperatures warming a couple of degrees over and above what we saw today.

There will be a surge of moisture approaching from the south and southeast over the weekend, which, along with a very warm air mass and the aid of both the mountains and a weak ripple of upper-level energy,  could produce some scattered showers and thunderstorms -- especially late Saturday through Sunday and perhaps into Monday.  Of course our rainfall for the month of May has been staggeringly high, and with the monsoon season coming our way in about 4-5 weeks, we really have no need for more rain in the near future.  But let's see...

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