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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 63.1F (17.3C)
High temp: 81.3F (27.4C)
Rainfall: 0.07" (2mm) -- updated @ 8:05pm

This evening we are again dealing with a batch of thundershowers hovering just to our north, with hazy skies but much less cloudiness to the south.  It's been a day consisting of a few relatively short periods of rain showers, some thunder, and occasional clouds, but also a lot of sunshine from late morning through mid-afternoon.  After several days of temperatures running in the range of the warmest of the season and the year, we cooled off a few degrees today -- mainly due to the clouds and showers this morning which gave the thermometer a late start.  The average humidity has been right around 40% -- not too high and not too low for this time of year.

As we push closer toward the middle of June, we're entering the pre-monsoon season, when it becomes very difficult to string together more than two or three dry days in a row.  Rainfall this month so far has not been excessive, but we have had measurable precipitation on four out of seven days so far.  Most of the models had been trying to work in a brief period of stability late this week -- tomorrow (Wed) through Friday, but recent data runs have shown that window of potential stability closing.  As we've seen recently, our hours of dry weather far outnumber the wet hours, but we've been having to listen to thunder and then dodge various intensities of rain showers quite a lot -- in between periods of strong summer sunshine.  Expect that variable combination to continue, but it looks like we could see a surge of deeper moisture this coming weekend which could bring us some more substantial rainfall totals than we've seen thus far this month.

Temperatures will be entirely dependent on the amount of sunshine we can get, and could still be flirting with the above-normal range for the season.  However, as we've seen, a quick plunge into a cooler zone is likely during a period of showers/thunder.  Not all bad, actually.

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