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Monday, June 13, 2016

awaiting a moisture surge... (pm.13.jun.16)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 63.0F (17.2C)
High temp: 80.0F (26.7C)
Rainfall: 0.15" (4mm)

As mid-June evenings go, this one is spectacular.  We have patchy mid-level clouds around, but we'd have to call it mostly sunny as we get into the final hour before sunset.  The day started off with unlimited sunshine, but the cloud development was rapid and dramatic during the late morning hours, leading to some thundershowers building over the mountains by shortly after noon.  Rainfall was quite light, but we did get a couple of decent showers mainly between 1:30 and 3:00pm -- then it cleared out again for the late afternoon and evening.  Humidity for the day averaged very close to 50%.

The main event during the coming several days will be a surge of tropical moisture that is gathering to our south and southeast, which is projected to gradually increase our humidity levels between now and late Wednesday into Thursday.  All the model data is showing more widespread shower/thunderstorm development starting on Wednesday, and lasting at least into Friday.  This is not the leading edge of the monsoon itself, but it is the first in what will likely be a few surges of pre-monsoon conditions that we'll experience during the next couple of weeks or so.

It might be safe to say that our warmest temps of the season are now behind us, since a more moisture-laden air mass is conducive to more cloudiness, and thus, lower temperatures.  So far, my high temps that I've recorded in the upper part of town are averaging very close to normal for the first half of June -- a few days above, but also a few days below.  Unless we end up with a surprise late season heat wave, this year's temperatures have not been all that unpleasantly warm, compared to what we've had to endure during late May to mid-June during several years of the past decade or so.

THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK has forecast details, and SUMMER INTO MONSOON is where to find updates on the monsoon's progress -- both on tabs above.