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Monday, June 6, 2016

all variables in play... (pm.06.jun.16)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 60.8F (16.0C)
High temp: 86.5F (30.3C)
Rainfall: 0.23" (6mm)
*all stats updated at 8:14pm

The sky is rather dark and threatening from the west through north and northeast this evening, as scattered thundershowers lurk.  Most of the day has been bright and sunny, with cloud/thundershower development lagging way behind yesterday's pace.  I first heard some thunder rumbling around 3:30pm, but there haven't been more than a few brief, random sprinkles that I have witnessed up til now.  That doesn't mean something more substantial hasn't occurred in other parts of our general area, however -- and some heavier activity is knocking at this very moment.  Temperatures today were just barely on the plus-side of normal for early June, with humidity running between 28 and 35%.

These roaming thundershowers this evening should diminish well before midnight, and then we'll start the whole cycle over again.  The upper-level pattern is not changing dramatically, with very warm air remaining entrenched in the middle and lower layers of the atmosphere.  This will keep us dealing with at least a mentionable threat of mainly PM thundershowers tomorrow -- but there's a chance we could even leave out the thundershower risk from Wednesday through most of Friday.  That's the kiss of death, I know, but we may get away with a couple of days without this convective development before the next thundery phase enters the picture over the weekend, lasting into at least early next week.

In the absence of showers, temperatures will stay very warm -- even relatively warm during the overnight hours.  But of course brief periods of natural air-conditioning will accompany an episode of thundershowers.  There's evidence of a more lasting cool-down starting on Sunday, as deeper moisture attempts to push in from the south-southeast.

This year's monsoon is getting ready to advance into extreme southern India, a late arrival this year, and you can keep track of that by checking the SUMMER INTO MONSOON tab above.  Also THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK and other info can be found on those tabs at the top of the page..