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Saturday, March 19, 2016

spring thundershowers... (pm.19.mar.16)>

1.46" (3.7cm) of rain accumulated in the gauge between roughly 9:00am and 12:30pm -- a healthy amount for March, or for anytime of the year for that matter.  There was a good amount of thunder and lightning accompanying the rain, with a decent dose of small hail as well.  We had a dramatic turn for the better during the early afternoon, thankfully, with nearly full sunshine providing very pleasant conditions to finish off the day.  Temperatures (topping out at 56.0F/13.3C at my location) were very cool for this time of year, despite the attempt at a rebound during the mid- to late afternoon hours.

The VERNAL EQUINOX is nearly upon us -- which means the direct rays of the sun have now moved from the southern hemisphere to the equator, marking the official start of the spring season here in the northern hemisphere.  The moment of that event will be at 10:00am tomorrow (Sun) morning, Indian Standard Time.

I've been out of the country for two months, so bear with me as I get back into riding the weather waves and trends during the coming few days.  I've just perused all of the available computer model data/charts, and it does look like we may be in line for some drier and warmer weather very shortly -- and especially by the middle of the coming week.  There's still a fairly good chance we could see another wave of thundershowers either late tonight or Sunday, however, before a building ridge of high pressure introduces a bit more stability for us.

I'll try to get THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK back up and running asap, so check that tab at the top of the page for forecast details.