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Monday, March 28, 2016

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Monday's stats:

Low temp: 56.1F (13.4C)
High temp: 69.8F (21.0C)
Rainfall: trace

We have hazy skies this evening, with a fairly extensive area of high, thin cirrus clouds overhead as well.  Our Monday started out with almost unlimited sunshine, but we had cumulus development along the mountain slopes by mid-day, just as some of that cirrus began to drift in from the west.  There was even a brief period of very light rain showers at my location on Tushita Road just below the mountaineering center right before 2:00pm -- but it wasn't enough to register a measurement in the rain gauge.  Temperatures are almost spot-on normal for the last days of March.

There's really nothing dramatic to speak of with regard to the overall weather scenario as we progress through this week.  The pattern aloft will remain almost unchanged -- a moderate west-to-east flow -- with still no sign of any major storm systems for us to deal with.  We're not talking about a totally quiet and sunny pattern though, as several weak ripples and wiggles will drift across northern India, bringing at least a bit of instability and also a mention of some isolated shower/thunder development during mainly the afternoon hours.  The back-and-forth between sunshine and clouds will continue for the next several days at least.

As far as temps go...  there are strong signs of a warming trend as we head toward the latter part of the week, but as we saw last week, the cloud development could keep us from taking advantage of a truly dramatic warm-up.  At any rate, it's going to be quite comfortable and pleasant, which is what we would normally expect this time of year.

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