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Saturday, January 2, 2016

twenty dry days... (pm.02.jan.16)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 46.9F (8.3C)
High temp: 54.2F (12.3C)
Precipitation: none

There are only some minor traces of high clouds visible as the western sky darkens this evening, otherwise we'd have to call it mostly clear.  Today was the 20th day in a row without a drop of rain -- or any other kind of precipitation for that matter.  Although we're now two days into 2016, that 20-day dry streak is the longest of all the past year.  Once again we saw a predominance of sunshine today, with only a few streaks of high clouds from time to time.  Temperatures were just a little cooler, but are still running well above normal for early January.

Finally there are a few things on the weather charts that could threaten to put an end to this extended period of bone-dry conditions.  But even so, we're not talking about a major storm system here in our immediate area.  There will be a noteworthy upper-level disturbance moving across the western Himalayan region on Monday into Tuesday, which will draw a moderate amount of moisture into its circulation as it passes.  However, right now all of the computer model data is showing the main outbreak of precipitation occurring just to our north and northeast, in the higher elevations.  We could be literally right on the edge of rain/snow development here along the front slopes of the Dhauladhars -- so we have to include that risk of precipitation in the forecast between Monday and mid-day Tuesday.

Then on Friday, there is another system predicted by the models to be pushing across north India.  This one will bring colder air with it, but still not a super great chance of rain/snow for us.  The scenario changes from one set of data to the next, though, so stay tuned as we keep track of developments...

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