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Saturday, January 16, 2016

the mildness... (pm.16.jan.16)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 43.9F (6.6C)
High temp: 53.2F (11.8C)
Precipitation: none

I'm pretty sure it's not possible to come up with a nicer mid-January evening here at our location on Earth than the one we are experiencing right now.  Our skies are perfectly clear at dusk, with not a breath of wind, and temperatures in the super-mild zone.  A dramatic inversion is visible down below us, as a shallow, cool air mass is trapped below relatively milder and very stable air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere.  Sunshine today was absolutely unlimited here at our elevation -- and that doesn't happen all that often.

It's looking like we'll have another fantastic day tomorrow (Sun), with a flat and featureless flow aloft at the jetstream level.  Temperatures could cool off just slightly, but whatever cooling might occur wouldn't be enough to bring us anywhere close to normal/average for this time of year.  It's still ridiculously mild.

Upper-level energy will dive southeastward into northern India on Monday, and will try to spin up some kind of weak low pressure circulation just to our east.  Right now it appears that precipitation chances will remain very small for us - though there is a mentionable risk of a period or two of light showers somewhere around the area between Monday night and Tuesday night.  But once again, we're not talking about a significant storm system.  There should be a downward trend in temps also starting on Monday and continuing through Wednesday.  BUT - we'll probably end the week with yet another subtle warm-up.

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