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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

the cold side of normal... (pm.10.jan.17)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 34.7F (1.5C)
High temp: 41.0F (5.0C)
Precipitation: 0.10" (3mm)
Snowfall: trace

Yes, we are still under the influence of the coldest air mass of this winter season -- which has been quite a shock, after the extremely mild weather we've had up until about 5-6 days ago.

The weather pattern will have its ups and downs, but will be generally an active one during the next couple of weeks, with several more chances for measurable precipitation.  We should get a bit of a warming trend during the latter part of this week, but it will still be colder than it has been for most of this winter season.  Get a look at forecast details on THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK, on a tab above.